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Wedding Favors
We offer unboxed Cake Pops and Basket Arrangements for your party, event, or special occasion. 
Both can be custom ordered. 
The minimum order is 12 Cake Pops.
Unboxed Cake Pops: White Chocolate can be colored as specified by your order for an additional charge of $2.00 per color.         Your choice of flavors, such as the flavor of your wedding cake, for lovely take home favors or as part of your catering.  Up to five flavors may be chosen on medium and large baskets.
Cake Pop Arrangements: Baskets can be custom mixed as ordered by the customer, including a choice of many baskets, color, ribbon and Cake Pop topping decorations.

Baskets outside of Dallas, TX must be shipped.  Cake Pops are shipped flat and must be placed in the basket once they arrive.  Along with your Cake Pops, you will receive a basket with Styrofoam, crinkle wrap, and a bow (if applicable).  Assembly time is about 15 minutes.

Please contact a Cake Pop Shoppe consultant today to visit about your custom Cake Pops. 
888-990-2253 (CAKE)

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