Cake Pop Shoppe Flavors
Cake Pop Flavors
Caramel Cake Pop: A rich caramel cake, blended with cream cheese and dipped in milk chocolate. Especially well loved by our customers when presented in our Cake Pop Baskets.
Cinnamon Crumb Cake Pop:  A blend of many flavors accented with cinnamon overtones and covered in your choice of white or milk chocolate.  This Cake Pop may be ordered with or without pecan toppings.
Double Chocolate Cake Pop:  A chocolate lover's heaven on earth.  Made with the highest quality chocolate, this Cake Pop is infused with chocolate chips and dipped in a decadent dark chocolate.  The favorite Cake Pop of all our Chocoholics.
Espresso Cake Pop:  A coffee lover's delight, this Cake Pop is filled with a delicate yet strong flavor of espresso coffee and dipped in a dark rich chocolate.
Peanut Butter Cake Pop:  A must have combination of chocolate and peanut butter rolled in milk chocolate and covered with chopped honey coated peanuts.
Royal Red Velvet Cake Pop:  A rich velvety red cake blended with cream cheese and covered in white chocolate that's fit for royalty.
Signature White Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pop:  Our company Signature recipe and most popular choice of Cake Pop lovers.  This delicate white cake is swirled with seedless raspberry jam and our special creamy filling then covered with the finest white chocolate.  This top selection for weddings and showers is especially attractive when presented in a Cake Pop basket.
Vanilla Cake Pops:  On the lighter side, this Cake Pop is a gentle blend of creamy white cake blended with the finest ingredients and lightly covered with white or milk chocolate topping.
Yellow Cake Pop:  Our super moist yellow Cake Pop is blended with creamy ingredients and covered in milk chocolate.
All Cake Pops are made from the finest
ingredients and covered in Belgian quality chocolate.   
(Our chocolate coating is nut free.)
Carrot: What's Up, Doc?  This Cake Pop provides the flavors of cinnamon, carrot and chunks of walnut, blended with a cream cheese frosting and covered in white chocolate.  It is a truly delicious treat year round.
Lemon: A perfect light treat and a favorite among our Customers.  Covered in white chocolate, our Lemon Cake Pops provide a wonderful burst of lemon flavor sensation.  The experience of eating a lemon Cake Pop has been described as "Heavenly" many times over!