About Us

Cake Pop Shoppe had been a vision of mine after trying my first Cake Pop at my mother-in-law, Margie's, Christmas family gathering, way back in 2006.  She told me I just had to taste one.  Margie is known for baking many treats during the holidays, but this was a new one she had made.  The minute I tasted the Cake Pop, it was filed away in my mind as a future entrepreneur venture.  It was absolutely delicious.  I was working at Southwest Airlines at the time as a director in the legislative department-a far cry from the kitchen and baking! I retired from Southwest in 2008, and began working on my dream of selling Cake Pops, which began in March, 2009.  In November of 2009, went "live" online.  Being an art major in college, I could apply my creative skills into each Cake Pop and arrangements, and worked with many different cake recipes to create my own brand of Cake Pops.I love to watch people's faces when they first bite into a Cake Pop.  It's one of surprise and sheer delight.   Most had no idea what to expect, but will quickly tell you it's the most delectable treat they've ever tasted.  Southwest Airlines taught me how important Customer Service is to any business-to both Customers and Employees.  Each Pop is handmade with lots of love just for you.  I hope you enjoy your Cake Pops as much as we did making them for you.  Everyone deserves some happiness in their lives! Indulge and Enjoy!
                                     Susan Goodman, Owner
                                     Claudia Barrientos and Maricela Arzate, Amazing Staff